'Down The Farset' derives its name from the Farset River which flows under Belfast. This little known river also gave Belfast its name, ‘Béal feirste,’ meaning ‘Mouth of the Farset’. In this artwork we begin to explore what lies beneath the cities where we live and work. For example, the 'Big Fish' in Belfast marks the point where the Farset River flows back into the Lagan. In the tunnel of this artwork, you will see the pipe where the Farset River flows out - immediately below the fish in the artwork above it. Also the old Victorian toilets at Belfast City Hall, (now under the road), are still there and can be accessed by a secret tunnel running from the Pearl Assurance (Ocean’s) Building. More importantly, Keith wanted to bend the rules and no longer simply be square. This artwork immediately demands attention because of its curiosity and shape. Enjoy exploring the depths of Belfast and make that statement 'I am not square!' Whilst this artwork costs an additional £75 over its sister artwork 'Up the Farset,' (which does not have the tunnel addition), it does come with a double mount and so represents excellent value as we seek to introduce this innovative framing style to the art market across the UK and Ireland.