The Earth Range is an idea created by Keith Drury Art and is the result of a long period of trials and experiments into different styles and substrates. The desire was to create something organic but with a certain 'urban rawness,' whilst remaining pleasing to the eye. The aim was for each piece to be a statement artwork which would demand attention when on the wall. Each piece accentuates the 3D effect in which they are created as the print rounds corners and falls into the cracks, fissures and ragged edges of the fractured wood boards. The wood boards are reinforced on the rear and the white backing board is heat treated for ease of cleaning if required. Each piece is hand signed. Each piece is different, by way of how the boards break, the printed area, size and shape - so unlike regular prints, on this occasion select the particular piece that you like. Also contact us to see what we have in stock or may have arriving.