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On this page you can view samples of artworks which we were asked to customise. Some contain very few changes to the original artwork while others are extensive. Customised changes are marked by the little cog or by a white circle. Prices start from £75 which would include changing all the wording on the four directional finger signs. Just email or talk to us and allow yourself to be part of the creative process creating unique pieces which have personal meaning. All finger signposts, car registrations and vehicle liveries can be customised in any Dublin, Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow or Liverpool artworks. 

Commissioning an artwork can be expensive. Here we allow you to do something very new, called customisation. You can take an artwork we have created and change it in different ways. For guidance purposes it would cost £75 to change what is says on a finger sign. People sometimes change the directional fingers to mark where one or the other partner came from. Sometimes, the fingers point to work places - you can be as creative as you wish.

Changing the graphics on a vehicle would cost £75. However if you are changing two areas, for example the finger signs and the vehicle graphics then the cost would only be an additional £125 to the cost of the unchanged picture.

But, perhaps you wish to be more creative. Buildings can be changed to reflect your life story or even to include a business premises that you own. For prices on these more substantial changes please contact us so we can give you a price. The process of changing the artworks in this manner does take a considerable time investment and each change is treated as an new artwork, so we seek to ensure it meets our exacting standards. All artworks are completely modelled, digitally painted and composed by Keith

 Billboards and signs which carry text and graphics may also be introduced into the scenes and prices for these tends to be in the range of £100.