Clocks tell the same time - most of the time!

The time is 10.58pm in each artwork. However, it is possible to become confused when working in 3D space, so if a clock doesn’t have any numerals it is possible to place it upside down, or even at a 90 degree rotation. Have a picture that tells the wrong time? Now you know why! Oh, in case you were wondering why 10.58pm in particular - the answer is simple, ‘The night is yet young.’
Registration plates also have a purpose - sometimes they give the edition release number, so a 3rd edition of a Bristol artwork may have a registration plate ending in 03. Sometimes registrations are actual plates and have their own significance, and other times they contain cryptic comments. Belfast artworks tend to include political satire. Keith says he has lived there so long he has earned the right!

Get to know your characters - they all have names

Strange perhaps, but the little 3D people who star in the artworks have names. Charles and Maria are pictured above. They appear in different pictures as they travel around the world, but they are given different clothes. The ladies all get a new hairstyle - usually on the release of a new Bristol artwork, though Keith tells us he is changing their hairstyles and clothes more regularly of late. Keith also features in the artworks and has done so from the very first artwork ever published. More recently, he appears in the same clothes he was wearing the day he modelled himself in the artwork - usually jeans - really quite boring. Other times, people are doing certain things. There is always a kissing couple, or at least indulging in some form of romantic behaviour. There used to be a girl always checking her mobile, but her iPhone broke in 2018 and she hasn’t appeared for a while.

Frida is everywhere - or at least she will be!

We want to introduce you to Frida. In part named after Frida Kahlo, (Keith tells us he gave a university lecture on her once, but he says he wasn’t a very good lecturer). Frida also means ‘Beloved’ and ’Peace’ and these seem like positive attributes. However, Frida is something of an interloper in the 3D series. She is actually the main protagonist in the oil painted series, where she commonly features writing and drawing on objects. However, Keith wanted to play with what he calls ‘converging narratives’, so he introduced Frida into the 3D series as well. She has only so far appeared in the very latest artwork, ‘Lagan Lagoon’ but she will be coming to a city near you soon. Unsurprisingly, Frida is found drawing on walls in this latest artwork - in fact her graffiti is actually Keith’s three latest oil paintings - yet more ‘converging narrative.’